8. November – Kulturwerstatt Buer



The band was formed in 1995 with the object to occasionally join together and perform the songs of their favourite band,the legendary KISS without any formalitics or visual elements. Later on,as the band started receiving more and more invitations to perform they started taking things more seriously.The first costumes and platform boots were made and the members bought authentic musical instruments.The fans get the same  experience as at a KISS show only smaller,with fire-breathing,blood-spitting,glowing guitars,rockets and sirens.  The band’s career took a turn-a-round in 1998,when instead of performing 4-5 times a year,they were invited to 70-80 shows yearly throughout Europe.Ranging from Germany,Austria,Switzerland,The United Kingdom, The Netherlands,Belgium,Italy and Spain to the Czech Republic,Slovakia,Croatia,Romania and Russia’s biggest festivals and clubs.

     They’ve also recorded songs for different KISS tribute albums like 1999’s „KISS Deutschland-A Tribute to  KISS” performing „Shout It Out Loud” or 2002’s „Sharkbite Records-Unpainted” album,which was released in The States,performing „Thief In The Night”. In the spring of 2001,hungarian „Nephilim Records” released KISS Forever Band’s first independent album titled „Carnival Of Songs”.The classical version of 12 KISS songs were recorded as well 2 KISS Forever Band renditions.


      In 2003 the hungarian „TomTom Records” released the second album of the band named „Plug It Out!” which recorded on some shows in Hungary and Germany during the very successful „Unplugged Tour” at the spring of 2003.They played an unusual setlist during the tour with songs what the originals never played live for example „Rip It Out” or „We Are One”  The band’s third album saw the light of the day at the end of 2006 when „TomTom Records” released a full live album with 15 tracks recorded in the legendary rock club called „Wigwam” in Budapest where international legends performed earlier as well for example Glenn Hughes,Joe Lynn Turner,Sebastian Bach,WASP,Eric Singer Project just to name a few.The album title is „Live&Loud” and it’s represent the band’s pure and energetic live performance.

     The concert program of the band goes way back to the early works of KISS to today.Other then hit songs,they play a few surprise numbers,without the demand for entirety „Deuce” , „Rock And Roll All Nite” , „Detroit Rock City” , „I Was Made For Lovin’ You” , „Lick It Up” , „New York Groove” or „War Machine” , „Fits Like A Glove” , „Hooligan” ,etc. Countries from much farther away are showing great interest in the band as well. Their goals are Canada,Australia and naturally Europe will not be left without KISS Forever Band concerts.

     The band’s goal was perform about 100 shows in 2005 because this was their 10th anniversary year  so 2005 was bring the first complete UK tour,massive shows in The Netherlands,the first visit in Italy and Finland and exclusive headlining the summer festivals all around Europe:  Until the end of 2006 the band already performed more than 400 shows in 17 different countries and they can’t stop , as the current tour’s called „Rock And Roll Ain’t Over”  .   In 2007 the band continued the non-stop touring and they rocked Sweden,Spain and Portugal very first time! Die-hard fans left the venues satisfied in major cities like Stockholm,Barcelona,Madrid and even Faro what was one of the highlight of the band’s 12 years career to rock in front of thousands of bikers on the world famous „Beach Rally”.   At February of 2008 the band reached the „Anniversary 500th Show” in Bruneck/Italy on the current „Alive&Loud” tour,there’s no other KISS tribute band worldwide who played that amount of concerts and rocked 20 countries!


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